Really wonderful sneezing fetish

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8 Freakiest Fetishes


1Woolies: obsessed about wool clothing

Source 1, Source 2

2Squashing Fetish: obsessed about getting squashed by an XL woman


3Robot Fetishism: obsessed about robots


4Objectophilia: obsessed about objects

/Woman-married-to-Berlin-Wall-for-29-years.html” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Source | Photo

5Looners: obsessed about balloon fetish

Source 1, Source 2 | Photo

6Mucophilia: obsessed about sneezing

Source 1, Source 2 | Photo

7Pedal Pushing Fetish: obsessed about pedal gas pumping

Source | Photo

8Hands on the hip fetish: obsessed about this position

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