Really stunning longest war in world history

No matter where or why a war is combated , completion outcomes are always stained by blood and death. This is the exact same circumstance practically all over the world and every war, which has actually been fought between 2 parties have been for developing one’s supremacy over the other. If you are a student of history then this is the post that you must not lose out on. In this article you will get the comprehensive encounter of all kinds of odd wars to be ever fought worldwide. Do you know about any such war that had been fought over a trivial problem or executed in a strange style? So search for what was the shortest war you always needed. If you are browsing for war without casualties, you have land on the cool post page.
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7 Strangest Wars


1The Anglo-Zanzibar War: the shortest war in history, only 40 minutes long


2The Pig War: triggered by the shooting of a pig


3Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years’ War: lasted over 335 years with no casualties


4Moldovan-Transdniestrian War: where both sides’ officers would drink together during the nights and fight during the days

5Emu War: how Australia lost a war against birds

6The Football War: started with a football game

7War of 1812: caused by faulty telegraphic communications


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