Really stunning LED hula

The couple’s trip consisted of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, Badlands National forest in South Dakota, as well as the Redwoods National Park in The golden state. Each time, Grant took an image of Jacob as she held the light-up hoop, benting and spinning it to develop shaking rings that electrified the darkened , sprawling landscape. To achieve this sensational result, Give uses long shutter speeds , varying from three to 6 seconds long at once, depending on the size of the movement . They didn’t make the trip alone. Jacob had her LED hula hoop in tow, and prepared for Mallory to record amazing shots of her illuminated methods against the natural landscape.
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Adventurous Couple Uses LED Hula Hoop to Electrify Grandiose Natural Landscapes



Above: Golden Gate Bridge, California


Badlands National Park, South Dakota


Olympic National Park, Washington


Olympic National Park, Washington


Crater Lake, Oregon


Redwoods National Park, California


Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Grant Mallory: Website | Flickr | Instagram
via [Reddit]


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