Pretty superb longest legs ever

When you first take a look at the pictures that have actually been attached in this article , you are probably to think that they have been edited . In reality they are genuine individuals with real body parts but the large nature of these body appendages will undoubtedly blow your mind. To learn about these incredible people and the body parts for which they are popular, log on to the link that has been given here. Some individuals might seem to be remarkable while other have parts which will only give you the creeps. Are you in ownership of body parts that are far from the normal? So start searching for new world body parts you may need. If you’re searching for longest beard in the world, you have come on the incredible page.
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10 Most Extreme Body Parts


1Cathie Jung: World’s Smallest Waist –15 inches

Cathie Jung’s

2Svetlana Pankratova: World’s Longest Legs –more than 4 feet long

Svetlana Pankratova

3Vivian Wheeler: World’s Longest Female Beard –11 inches

Vivian Wheeler

4Lui Hua: World’s Largest Hand –his left thumb is 10.2 inches long

Lui Hua

5Annika Irmler: World’s Longest Female Tongue –2.7 inches

Annika Irmler

6Lee Redmond: World’s Longest Fingernails –until she lost them on a car crash


Lee Redmond,

car crash.

7Radhakant Baijpai: World’s Longest Ear Hair –almost than 10 inches long

Radhakant Baijpai

8Mehmet Ozyurek: World’s Longest Nose –4.5 inches

Mehmet Ozyurek,

9Devendra Harne and Pranamya Menaria: Most Fingers and Toes –25

Pranamya Menaria, Devendra Harne

10Frank Ames: World’s Longest Eyebrow Hair –3.7 inches long


Frank Ames


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