Highly unique stupid bets

The above link is a feast to the eyes of the expert gamblers from all parts of the world. The link offers some amazing bets which are well shared in the fantastic link. Amongst many bets, the one explains about a male who bet on getting females’s breasts for a year and kept them, is just remarkable and incredible . In another fascinating case, a guy by from New Zealand who was given a 99-character name after losing a bet. Interestingly , a publisher who has banked on a customer and who in turn has actually written a book by utilizing under fifty words. So start searching for bar bets and challenges you may need. If you are finding for lost wife in a bet, you have actually come on the appropriate website.
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10 Most Bizarre Bets

1The man who bet on getting women’s breasts for a year and kept them

2The man who was given a 99-character name after losing a bet


3The publisher who bet a client he couldn’t write a book using under 50 words – the client writes a classic
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4The gambler who bet a vegetarian gambler to eat a hamburger, lost $10,000 and lost again when he refused to eat olives

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5The man who won the right of tasering his wife on a bet and got arrested
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6The guy who bet his whole life savings and everything he owned on a roulette table
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7The man who lit his head on fire in a bet, earning only the nickname “Ghost Rider”

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8The man who bet his wife…and lost
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9The rapper who bet $5 he could take a punch from any girl at a party and lost…his life
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10The Baldwin brother who bet against Miley Cyrus. Guess who won?
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