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There is an existence of numerous incidents of human combustions in the history and some of the distinguished characters lost their lives by facing the human combustion. This specific occurrence happens in the body due to unexpected chain reaction. There is no presence of external source but due to the event of chemical change the human warms up all of a sudden and break out. There are numerous occurrences take place in the past where few individuals had faced this event and unexpectedly break out even when they are in normal actions. If you are interested to know more on this incident , you can examine out the link offered above. So start checking out instantaneous human combustion right now. If you are searching for photos of spontaneous human combustion, you have come on the perfect blog post.
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10 Victims Of Spontaneous Human Combustion


1In a Strange Ironic Twist, a Firefighter Succumbs to Spontaneous Human Combustion
Source | Photo

2Coroner Officially Declares an Irish Man’s Cause of Death as Spontaneous Human Combustion
Source | Photo

3FBI Claims the “Wick Effect” is a Possible Cause of an Elderly Woman’s Death
Source1, Source2 | Photo

4Parents Claim the Cause of Their Baby’s Burns is Spontaneous Human Combustion

Source | Photo

5Neighbor Sees Flames Bursting from a Paraplegic’s Abdomen
Source | Photo

6Knight Vomits Fire After Drinking Two Ladles of Wine
Source | Photo

7Nothing Left of Doctor Bentley but a Lower Leg and Slipper
Source | Photo

8Italian Countess is Reduced to Ash and Coated with a “Greasy and Stinking Moisture”
a98791_ countess
Source | Photo

9Salesman Survives Spontaneous Human Combustion
Source | Photo

10Fishmonger’s Wife Burns to Death After a Night of Drinking Gin
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