Highly simple 911 emergency jokes

911 is an emergency situation number to contact to the police headquarters when you are in problem but this number is utilized by some reasons that can make you laugh or surprise. There are some individuals who have called this number sometimes for a foolish factor. These individuals and their factors for calling this number are described on this web page. These ridiculous however amusing reasons can offer you a concept about the various kinds of individuals who survive on this planet and you can be amused by their reasons too. To understand in information about these real funny stories you can click the above provided link. So have a look at 911 emergency jokes immediately. If you are trying to search for worst 911 calls, you have come on the amazing website.
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10 Dumbest 911 Calls

1The woman who called 911 to ask a police officer on a date

2The woman who called 911 after getting locked inside her own car
a96669_a440_locked in car

3The lonely man who called 911 over 27,000 times

4The woman who called 911 because McDonald’s didn’t have McNuggets

5The wife who called 911 to make her husband stop watching porn

6The 4-year-old boy who called 911 because he couldn’t solve a math problem
a96669_a440_math problem

7The woman who called 911 over lack of shrimp in fried rice
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8The couple who called the police to settle a cold feet row
a96669_a440_cold feet

9The man who called 911 because he was turned away at a nightclub
a96669_a440_night club
Source1, Source2

10The man who was chased by cops and called 911 to try to fool them

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